Zusätzliches Masterseminar

Im Master wird im Modul "Bausteine der Global Governance" kurzfristig ein zusätzliches teilverblocktes Seminar mit dem Titel "The Regional Institutions of the Asia-Pacific: Cooperation and Competition" angeboten. Seminarsprache ist Englisch. Bei Interesse finden Sie sich bitte zur ersten Sitzung am 28.04.2017 ein.


The Asia-Pacific is arguably one of the most dynamic world regions. Many expect it to be a main venue of conflict between a rising China and an US struggling to redefine its international role. Asia is also a space full of seeming contradictions: territorial conflicts, heated nationalist rhetoric and arms races contrast with growth and cooperation in the economic sphere. A rising middle class and increasingly globalized societies exist alongside mounting religious and ethnical tensions. These specific political, economic and social conditions have given rise to a unique and complex institutional architecture which is highly interesting from an International Relations perspective. Fully fledged regional organizations like ASEAN exist alongside loose dialogue formats such as the East Asian Summit, strategic cooperation initiatives such as ASEAN+3 and specialized functional groupings such as the Mekong River Commission.

This course sets out to untangle the web of regional institutions in the Asia-Pacific with a view to how they express both cooperation and competition. It seeks to develop a deeper understanding of what the institutions do and why they look like they do. The seminar will also provide an opportunity to discuss the challenges posed by current international developments for the institutional architecture, as well as the questions they raise for International Relations researchers. On this basis, the course will also throw into relief the implications of regional institution-building for the broader framework of global governance and vice versa. 

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20.04.2017, 10:17 Uhr