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Institute of Political Science and Sociology

Dr. Carolin Rüger

Dr. Carolin Rüger
Member of Faculty and Researcher

Professorship of European Studies and International Relations
Jean Monnet Chair  
Institute of Political Science and Sociology
University of Würzburg
Wittelsbacherplatz 1
97074 Würzburg

Room 02.128

Telephone: +49 (0)931 / 31 86815
Fax: +49 (0)121 / 251 295 3928
E-mail: c.rueger@uni-wuerzburg.de
Website: www.carolin-rueger.de

Additional Tasks at the Institute

  • Coordinator for Blended Learning (a combination of traditional courses with online offers, for example in the form of WueCampus or Casetrain)

  • Internship Coordinator (for further information, please visit the Institute's Internship Portal)

    Please note:
    Currently, Christoph Mohamad-Klotzbach is the Institute's acting internship coordinator

  • Member of the working group WAPS