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The Future of the European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy after Enlargement

In December 2005, Prof. Dr. Gisela Müller-Brandeck Bocquet organized the conference "The Future of the European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy after Enlargement". The conference proceedings were published in October 2006.

Europe's Foreign, Security and Defence policy (CFSP/ESDP) has developed in recent years with speed of light (Solana). Two contributions of the book analyse the present state of the European Union's capacities to act on the international stage. With the 2004 enlargement, however, new countries with new external priorities and orientations have joined the EU. In order to evaluate their possible influence on the future of CFSP and ESDP, experts from some of the new member states discuss their countries' commitment to the integration project of strengthening the EU's external role.

The impression prevails that the newcomers favour a “pro European Atlanticism” in order to meet the European as well as the American expectations. Furthermore, their major concerns in Foreign policy are addressing Russia.

Will these options weaken the EU's Foreign, Security and Defence policy or rather lead to new chances and strength?

The contributions

  • Gerhard Hafner:
    The CFSP in the light of the newest enlargement
  • Gisela Müller-Brandeck-Bocquet:
    The big Member States’ influence on the shaping of the European Union’s Foreign, Security and Defence Policy
  • Kerry Longhurst and Marcin Zaborowski:
    The European Union as a Security Policy Actor: The View from Poland
  • Radek Khol:
    Czech Republic - Building a balanced profile in CFSP/ESDP
  • László J. Kiss:
    Hungary and CFSP/ESDP
  • Gediminas Vitkus:
    Three Western Myths about Security and Defence Policy of the EU New Member States: Lithuania’s Case
  • Ionel Nicu Sava:
    Romania and the CFSP/ESDP. How to make it work for the new EU members
  • Carolin Rüger:
    Bye bye, EU Foreign Minister? – What progress for the CFSP/ESDP with/without the Constitutional Treaty?

The editor

Bibliographic information

  • Piblished in October 2006
  • Nomos Publishers (Baden-Baden)
  • Paperback: 174 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3832922788 
  • € 39,00 (in Germany)