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Institute of Political Science and Sociology

Main Areas of Research

At the Professorship of European Studies and International Relations Prof. Dr. Gisela Müller-Brandeck-Bocquet and her staff focus on the vast array of foreign, security, and developmental policies, , as well as the numerous questions related to Europe. In particular they do research in the following fields:

  • European Studies: Specifically European Foreign, Security, and Defence Policy, reform processes as well as media representation of the European Union.

  • International Organizations: UN, EU, and NATO as well as interorganizational cooperation. 

  • International Crisis and Conflict Management

  • German, French, and British Foreign and European Policies

  • The rise of new powers: Especially Indian Foreign Policy

  • African International Relations: Particularly Chinese, Indian, European, and US Policies towards Africa

  • Theories of International Relations: Notably Constructivism and Role Theory