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    IPS Winter School

    Class of 2019

    This year the Institute of Political Science and Sociology started its first Winter School. From February 7 to 15, 2019, students from all over the world were guests in Würzburg. Bachelor, Master and PhD students from 8 different countries participated in various discussions, workshops and seminars. 

    The topic of the Winter School dealt with the question of “The Power of Algorithms?” from a sociological perspective. A short summary of the discussions you find here.

    After a week of study, intensive exchange and debate, the impressions from the participants' essays were reflected once again and changes in perspectives were discussed. All-in-all, it was a successful first edition of the Winter School, in which many students met, studied and made some friends.

    Funding for the Winter School was provided by the Human Dynamics Center of the Faculty of Humanities and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Special thanks go to all participating lecturers who contributed significantly to the success of the Winter School with their varied lectures and workshops.