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Chair of Comparative Politics and German Government


The field of comparative politics applies methodical, theoretical and empirical approaches to the comparison of governmental systems.

As a main field of focus, empirical democracy research spans various regions of the world (areas) i.e. Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. Formal and informal Institutions are included in the analysis. The Chair of Comparative Politics and German Government also incorporates the analysis of the political system of the German Democratic Republic utilizing comparative categories. 


[Translate to Englisch:] DFG-Forschungsprojekt Demokratiematrix

The DFG funded research project "The democracy matrix as an alternative to the democracy indices of Freedom House and Polity: Implementation of the Varieties-of-Democracy-Data by using the 15-Field-Matrix of Democracy” is developing a new measurement tool of democracy based on the Varieties of Democracy project.

Democracy Matrix
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Zusätzliches Blockseminar: Politisches System BRD – USA im Vergleich, Beginn 11.11.2017

Vortrags- und Filmreihe „Lateinamerika im Umbruch“

MdB Bernd Rützel zu Gast am IPS

Ausschreibung 2017: Forschungsaufenthalte in Indien für PSS- und PSSc-Studierende

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