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Trump, the Democrats, and the Media


Im Sommersemester 2019 wird wieder ein englischsprachiges Seminar zu Donald Trump angeboten.

We are almost halfway through 2019 and that means Trump's first term, for American standards, is slowly coming to an end. The next presidential elections take place in November 2020, Democratic Presidential Candidates are being announced, and Donald Trump is quickly trying to achieve all of his promises made during his candidacy. In this class we are going to follow the US media during the whirlwind that is Donald Trump's Presidency. We will look at all types of media outlets from the most conservative to the most liberal and what they are saying. We will also look at how Trump is being portrayed outside of the US. When you enter the room you will put on your "Make America Great Again" hat and take on the role of young Americans trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

Politics and Current Events in English
Freitag, 10-12 Uhr, Raum 00.202

Weitere Informationen zum Seminar finden Sie hier: WuStudy