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German Politics

Class of 2015

The 1st International IPS Summer School German Politics took place from July 21st to July 28th, 2015 with 15 participants from countries all around the world, among them Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and the United States. They learned about about all aspects of German Politics, ranging from contemporary history, political culture, the representative and the legistlative process to German Foreign Policy and Germany and the European Union. During the social programme, the group visited the Residence and the Fortress Marienberg in Würzburg as well as the City of Nuremberg.

Hints for future participants

We asked the participants of the Class of 2015: Do you have any comments or pieces of information that you like to share with future participants? Here are their responses:

  • Enjoy it to the maximum! You’ll have very interesting conversations and discussions with well-prepared specialists in a very international and energetic environment. If you can come to the summer school, don’t miss the chance!

  • Being part of this summer school was a great experience to boost my knowledge! It was awesome to meet new people, hear about such an important subject (German politics) and to learn how it is to study at a German institution.

  • What you can learn here is not just German politics but how politics are made, carried out and analyzed! Recommended especially for those who are interested in Germany!

  • I would recommend this summer school to everyone who is interested in German poli-tics, wants to have a great time with people from all over the world and of course for everyone who wants to explore the beautiful Würzburg! Had a great time and also learned a lot!

  • It was clear enough to understand the German system as well as the connection be-tween internal and external policy. After registration the website has been difficult. Thanks!
  • This school was a great opportunity to get knowledge about German politics, but also to meet amazing people. I’m leaving with broadened horizons and fantastic memories. Thank you once again for everything!

  • Week-long course, accommodation as well as tours and a daytrip for less than 200 Eu-ros. Great value for money and a great investment of time!

  • You will learn much fresh, new and topical information in a short period of time and have lots of fun!

  • I enjoyed every bit of the Summer School experience and I highly recommend it to eve-ryone with interest in German politics and EU affairs in general. Because of the combi-nation of diverse participants and a well-planned programme in the heart of Europe, I believe this summer school benefited all participants in a unique way and left a positive effect on me, personally.

  • I would highly recommend the programme to students of law and political science who are interested in German politics.

You can also download a brief overview over how our guest evaluated their participation in the Summer School German Politics 2015: Download Evaluation 2015