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Institute of Political Science and Sociology


Author of more than 100 research publications - monographs, dissertation chapters, briefs and papers, conference presentations.

Research interests: ethno-national politics of Ukraine, ethnopolitical conflicts in the modern world, human rights.


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Selection of thematically relevant publications

Monographs, Collected volumes

  1. Dehterenko, Anastasiia / Kotyhorenko, Viktor / Rafalskji, Oleh (2015): Political aspects of the crisis in the Donbas: diagnosis of the situation and tensions. Kyiv.
  2. Dehterenko, Anastasiia / Kotyhorenko, Viktor (2012): Recommendations for local administrations in the Donetsk region: "Optimizing ethno-national and gender policies in the context of building a civil society in Ukraine". Mariupol.
  3. Dehterenko, Anastasiia / Kotyhorenko, Viktor / Rafalskji, Oleh (2009): Crimean Tatar context for the social integration of different ethnic groups and nationalities residing in Crimea: Implications for the state. Current Ukrainian politics. Kyiv.
  4. Dehterenko, Anastasiia (Comp.) (2009): A man with high standards: the anniversary edition. Donetsk.
  5. Dehterenko, Anastasiia (2008): Ethno-national aspect of the activities carried out by the Territorial Communities of the Ukrainian Northern Pryazov'ye (as viewed in political science). Mariupol.

Book chapters and articles

  • Dehterenko, Anastasiia (2021): National Consolidation in Ukraine // International Scientific Innovations in Human Life. Proceedings of the 4th International Scientific and Practical Conference. Cognum Publishing House. Manchester. 2021. S. 21- 27.https://sci-conf.com.ua/iv-mezhdunarodnaya-nauchno-prakticheskayakonferentsiya-internationalscientific-innovations-in-human-life-20-22-oktyabrya-2021-goda-manchester-velikobritaniya-arhiv/. Manchester.
  • Dehterenko, Anastasiia (2020): The ethno-national policy of Ukraine as a risk Boston, USA. 2020. S. 52-56. sci-conf.com.ua/ii-mezhdunarodnayanauchno-prakticheskaya-konferentsiya-fundamental-and-applied-research-in-the-modern-world-23-25-sentyabrya-2020-goda-boston-ssha-arhiv/. Boston.
  • Dehterenko, Anastasiia (2019): Ethno-National Policy in Ukraine: Threats and Security // International Conference on Governance, Intelligence and Security 2018 - Contemporary Challenges and New Developments, Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca (Romania), 7 - 9 June 2018 / Contemporary challenges and new developments / Adrian Ivan, Cristian Găzdac, Claudiu Marian. - Cluj-Napoca : CA Publishing, 2019. – Р. 72 – 87.
  • Dehterenko, Anastasiia (2021): From National Identity to National Consolidation: The Imperative of National Independence and Citizenship // Deutsche internationale Zeitschrift für zeitgenössische Wissenschaft / German International Journal of Modern Science
  • Dehterenko, Anastasiia (2018): Security imperatives of national-citizensship consolidation in Ukraine. Politicus. Odesa. S.127 – 138.
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  • Dehterenko, Anastasiia (2018): Ethnic division of labor among citizens in Ukraine: from isolation to economic integration / II International scientific conference Economy and Society: a Modern Vectors of Development, Part I, April 27, 2018. Leipzig, Germany: Baltija Publishing. 156 pages. – Р. 63 – 65.
  • Dehterenko, Anastasiia / Gorbulin, Volodymyr, author team (2017): National Identity. / Global Hybrid War: The Ukrainian Front. Kyiv. S. 369 – 379.
  • Dehterenko, Anastasiia (2017): Ukraine's ethno-national politics under the conditions of Russian aggression: national-citizenship consolidation versus disintegration. Budapest. S. 77 – 82.
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  • Dehterenko, Anastasiia (2017): Processes of Politicization of Ethnicity in Ukraine: Dangers and Opportunities for State Policy in the Conditions of External Aggression. niss.gov.ua/doslidzhennya/politika/procesi-politizacii-etnichnosti-v-ukraini-zagrozi-tamozhlivostidlya. Kyiv.
  • Dehterenko, Anastasiia (2017): An analysis of the causes of ethnopolitical conflicts in Ukraine using the example of the Ruthenian question. Strategic priorities. Kyiv. S. 77 - 85.
  • Dehterenko, Anastasiia (2017): Consolidating Ukrainian society: threats, achievements and prospects. National Security and Defense. № 7-8 (165 - 166), 2016. kyiv. S.107 - 109.
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  • Dehterenko, Anastasiia (2016): Ensuring the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens in annexed Crimea. niss.gov.ua/doslidzhennya/politika/zabezpechennya-prav-i-svobodgromadyan-ukraini-v-aneksovanomu-krimu. Kyiv.
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  • Dehterenko, Anastasiia (2015): National dialogue as a basis for the policy of internal integration / Analytical report on the General Message of the President to the Verkhovna Rada. On the internal and external situation of Ukraine in 2015. Kyiv. S. 53 - 55.
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