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Research Group on Gender

In keeping with its motto "Same but different - what role does gender play?" the Research Group on Gender focuses on the persisting gender related inequalities within society.

Whereas Gender as an issue no longer appears to be part of the current public discourse, gender related societal and professional inequalities remain evident. In order to achieve true gender justice, all societal objectives must take both male and female interests into account.

A glance at issues such as the "leaky pipeline" and "gender pay-gap" as well as common sexist attitudes prove otherwise.

As a result, the Research Group on Gender deals not only with the controversial issue of women in academia, it also focuses on areas that highlight the persisting inequalities. These areas include critical consideration of role stereotypes and their societal impact, the structure and function of communication within society as well as the position of women in the business world.

The Research Group devotes itself to the description and discussion of these issues. As students engage in dialogue and exchange ideas critical reflection will follow.

All events organized by the Research Group are part of the GSiK programme.


The Research Group on Gender regularly organizes lectures in the context of gender related inequalities within society. All events organized by the Research Group are part of the GSiK programme.

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