„Power politics are back“ – Keynote Address by Dr. Giovanni Grevi

On 20 November 2019,  Dr Giovanni Grevi, Head of the Europe in the World Programme at European Policy Centre in Brussels, delivered the keynote address “Europe in the World. Strategic Autonomy and Partnership” of the workshop  “In the Light of the EU’s Global Strategy: India and the European Union – Joining Forces on the Global Scene?“.

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Prof. Michael Becker in India

In early October, Prof. Michael Becker spent two weeks in New Delhi on a DAAD funded research trip.


Anja Zürn and Philipp Gieg in India

During their stay in India in autumn 2019, Anja Zürn and Philipp Gieg from the Institute's Jean Monnet Chair meet with our Indian cooperation partners and conduct interviews, background discussions and research for their various projects.


New Publication: "Gender Roles in Peace and Security: Prevent, Protect, Participate"

The volume examines the specific gender roles in peace and security. The authors analyse the implementation process of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 in various countries and discuss systemic challenges concerning the Women, Peace and Security agenda.




The India Forum is participating in several projects which facilitate mobility, research, and teaching activities.


The India Forum regularly welcomes Indian visiting lecturers and students to Würzburg. This relationship is however not one-sided. Members of faculty as well as students from Würzburg University also travel to India.


The India Forum regularly holds events like lectures, discussions, conferences as well as workshops and its members take part in international conferences to present their research.



Here you'll find publications that have been published in the framework of the IPS India Forum, either by its members or by guest professors who have been visiting our Institute.


The cooperation is financially supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).