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Workshop: Prevent, Protect, Participate! Women’s Roles in Peace and Security

Distinguished experts from Europe and India discussed the global „Women, Peace and Security“ (WPS) Agenda during the ICAS workshop „Prevent, Protect, Participate! Women`s Roles in Peace and Security“.

The BMBF funded workshop was organized by the Jean-Monnet-Chair for European Studies and International Relations at the Institute for Political Science and Sociology and the Jean-Monnet-Chair for European Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University New-Delhi. It is part of ICAS:MP Centre of Advanced Studies Module 5 „Gender as a Political Category“.

Dr Louise Olsson from PRIO in Oslo held the keynote. She spoke about the implementation of resolution 1325 (2000), the heart of the WPS Agenda, and the interconnectedness between academic research and policy. The paper presentations discussed different facets of the thematic complex, from gender training in UN peace operations, national and regional implementation processes, questions of masculinity and intersectionality to the influence of the civil society on Women, Peace and Security.

Discussions of high academic quality and reports from the field illustrated: the world community has still a long way to go to implement Women, Peace and Security successfully.

Workshop programme


List of Speakers


  • Keynote: Louise Olsson (PRIO, Oslo)
  • Soumita Basu (South Asian University, Delhi), Laura J. Shepherd (University of New South Wales, Sydney): Prevention in pieces: Theorising conflict in the Women, Peace and Security agenda mma Bjertén-Günther (SIPRI, Stockholm): Peace processes – business as usual?
  • Marina Caparini (SIPRI, Stockholm): Gender Training for police peacekeepers: where are we now?
  • Anne Jenichen (Aston University, Birmingham), Jutta Joachim (Radboud University, Nijmegen) & Andrea Schneiker (University of Siegen): Feminist Institutionalism and International Organisations: UNSRC 1325 on Women, Peace and Security in the OSCE and the EU
  • Andrea Jonjić-Beitter, Hanna Stadler, Flora Tietgen (UNU-GEST, Reykjavik): Civil Society and its role within the UNSCR 1325 National Action Plans
  • Priyanka Mallick (Christ University, Bengaluru) & Riya Bawa: Women in Peace Building: Northeast India
  • Maria Martin de Almagro (University of Cambridge): Building bridges? Women, Peace and Security and the European Union Transitional Justice policy
  • Maike Messerschmidt (University of Tuebingen): Militarized Masculinity
  • Manuela Scheuermann (University of Jena): Organisational Masculinity and gender norms: The case of the UNDPKO
  • Nina Wüstemann (University of Hannover): Women, Peace and Security - Gender norms and NATO
  • Anja Zürn (University of Wuerzburg): Gender - based violence as a multi-layered challenge 

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