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Institute of Political Science and Sociology


On this page you will find information regarding our main areas of research.

Main Areas of Research

he Chair of Internatonal Relations and European Studies works on issues of global governance, international crisis management, and the conditions under which international cooperation takes place. We particularly focus on European Integration and European external affairs.

In research and teaching we focus on the following:

  • International relations and European integration: theories and methods
  • Multilevel governance and global democracy
  • Global North-South and South-South relations 
  • European integration and the foreign affairs of the European Union 
  • Statebuilding, democracy promotion, development cooperation 
  • Causes and Consequences of conflict and international crisis management 
  • Autocracies in international relations

We combine qualitative and quantitative research method to innovatively investigate highly relevant empirical puzzles. We particularly, but not exclusively look upon transitioning, fragile, and post-conflict societies in Europe, Asia, and Africa and their role in the world.

Research Projects

EMBRACing changE: Overcoming Blockages and Advancing Democracy in the European Neighbourhood (EMBRACE)

The EMBRACE project analyses authoritarian resilience and de-democratization in the European Neighbourhood.


ICAS:MP Centre of Advanced Studies

The Chair is participating in ICAS:MP Centre of Advanced Studies which has been established in New Delhi and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


Research Network External Democracy Promotion (EDP)

The EDP network investigates the international promotion and defense of democracy, coordinated by the chair.


Doctoral and Postdoctoral (Habilitation) Projects

Here you'll find an overview of doctoral and postdoctoral (Habilitation) projects at the Chair of International Relations and European Studies: