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Interested in our Winter School?

Shopping on Amazon, searching with Google, communicating on Facebook – algorithms are at work everywhere. The IPS Winter School 2019 asks from a sociological point of view: What are algorithms actually doing? When and how do they shape the social? Join us at the University of Würzburg to engage both in theoretical discussions about how Big Data can be perceived sociologically and in discussions with experts from practice.

» Winter School: The Power of Algorithms?

Interested in our Summer School?

Each year, we are organizing the International IPS Summer School German Politics. Join us at the University of Würzburg to explore in depth basics and peculiarities of German Politics. The English-speaking course aims to contextualize German Politics within a framework of contemporary history, institutional and comparative perspectives, decision making processes and Germany’s perspectives on Europe and the world.

» Summer School: German Politics

ERASMUS+ and Programme Students

Are you interested in studying one or two semesters at our Institute as an ERASMUS+ or programme student?

» Information for Incoming Students

Interested in our Bachelor's Program?

At our institute, you can study Political Science and Sociology in our German-speaking Bachelor's Program Political and Social Studies (PSS) – without a numerus clausus.

» Bachelor's Program PSS

Interested in our Master's Program?

At the Institute of Political Science and Sociology, you can also study both disciplines in our German-speaking Master's Program Political and Social Sciences (PSSc).

» Master's Program PSSc