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Institute of Political Science and Sociology


The Master of Arts Degree Political and Social Sciences, taught in German, is a curriculum for students interested in advancing their knowledge of Political Science and Sociology. The program is research oriented and encourages independent and self-motivated analysis of Social Science issues. Candidates may choose between two Master of Arts tracks, either a single major (120 ECTS) or a combined major program (45 ECTS).

The integration of Political Science and Sociology makes specialization in diverse areas possible. Students deal with topics relevant to the fields of Comparative Politics, European Studies and International Relations, Political Theory, Sociological Theory and Sociology, while advancing their knowledge in Methods of Empirical Social Research. In addition to subject-specific education, this program enhances your skills through internships, international stays and an array of experiences.  

The Master's Program is designed to prepare students for scientific research in academia or organizational settings and for scientifically oriented careers. Corresponding careers exist for example within the diverse field of political consulting, market and opinion research, media, international institutions, the business sector, agencies for civic education as well as in publishing. A doctoral program can be pursued within the University of Würzburg Graduate Schools.