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Institute of Political Science and Sociology


since 2021 Section Social Inequality and Social Structure Analysis of the DGS

since 2019 European Survey Research Association (ESRA)

since 2017 Graduate School of Law, Economics, and Society (GSLES)

since 2017 Consortium Higher Education Research and Sciences Studies (HERSS)

since 2017 Academy of Sociology (AS)

since 2010 International Sociological Association (ISA)

since 2016 Research Committee on Social Stratification of the ISA (RC 28)

since 2010 Research Committee on Rational Choice of the ISA (RC 45)

since 2006 Section of Medical and Health Sociology of the DGS

since 2004 Section Modelling and Simulation of the DGS

since 2004 German Sociological Association (DGS)