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ICAS:MP Centre for Advanced Studies

ICAS:MP Centre of Advanced Studies

The University of Würzburg's Centre for Modern India Studies and the IPS India Forum are part of the new ICAS:MP Centre of Advanced Studies which has been established in New Delhi. The first ICAS:MP planning meetings and plenary session took place in October 2015 in Delhi with all members of the India Forum taking part. An official Memorandum of Understanding between the Indian and the German side was signed in mid-2016.

ICAS:MP Centre for Advanced Studies

The M.S Merian – R. Tagore International Centre of Advanced Studies ‘Metamorphoses of the Political’ (ICAS:MP) combines the benefits of an open, interdisciplinary forum for intellectual exchange with the advantages of a cutting-edge research centre. The centre will focus on key political processes that have emerged in parallel in many parts of the world during the twentieth century through to the present day, processes that are entangled yet heterogeneous.

Through its innovative modular and network structure, ICAS:MP will generate sustainable research cooperation among leading humanities and social science scholars from Germany, India and other countries who investigate similar research problems rather than necessarily the same region. Indeed, a core objective of ICAS:MP consists in connecting scholars whose regional specialization usually tends to keep them apart. Scholarly exchange and joint exploration within ICAS:MP will be defined by a shared interest in examining the shifting boundaries, historically contingent contents, and intellectual lineages of the twentieth-century ‘political’ and by working comparatively, ICAS:MP will highlight the overlapping yet distinctive trajectories of political processes that have unfolded over the globe.


In order to promote focused and original research, ICAS:MP consists of a Core Module and six Thematic Modules. The modules will focus on the following key fields in which the political has taken shape in the last century:

  • Metamorphoses of the Political (Centrale Module)
  • History as a Political Category
  • Labour as a Political Category
  • Critiques and Renewals of Democracy
  • Normative Conflicts and Transformations
  • Performing Gender: Negotiating Space in Civil Society
  • Poverty and Education

The Würzburg Centre for Modern India Studies and IPS India Forum are – together with our partners in India – mainly involved in the Thematic Module “Performing Gender”, encompassing aspects such as theoretical and international relations perspectives on gender equality in Indian polity and politics, gender perfomativity in ritual, literature and media, and the effect of educational programmes with the aim of empowering women and reducing gender inequalities. Prof. Dr. Gisela Müller-Brandeck-Bocquet and PD Dr. Michael Becker are members of the Module Committee.

Indo-German consortium

ICAS:MP is the first International Centre of Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences abroad that is financed by the German Ministry of Education and Research. ICAS:MP has its main location in New Delhi.

The centre is organised collectively by an Indo-German consortium consisting of:

  • Centre for Modern India Studies (ZMIW), University of Würzburg
  • Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS), University of Göttingen
  • Centre for the Studies of Developing Societies (CSDS), Neu-Delhi
  • Centre the Studies of Social Sciences Calcutta (CSSSC), Kolkata
  • Institute of Economic Growth (IEG), Neu-Delhi
  • Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, University of Erfurt
  • Max Weber Foundation, Bonn, with its German Historical Institute London (GHIL)

More information

You'll find more information about the M.S. Merian – R. Tagore International Centre of Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences ‘Metamorphoses of the Political’ on the website of the centre:

» ICAS:MP website

The India Forum's activities are supported by
the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from
the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).