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Are you interested in studying Political Science and Sociology? Our institute is offering the Bachelor's Program Political and Social Studies (PSS) and the Master's Program Political and Social Sciences (PSSc). Furthermore, we are welcoming incoming ERASMUS+ and programme students.

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Bachelor PSS

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Summer Module Courses

Our institute has been organizing International Summer and Winter Module Courses for several years. In July 2021, IPS will offer two Virtual Summer Module Courses: Join us online and explore Social Inequality or German Politics in keynotes and workshops with renowned experts.

Social Inequality

German Politics


Information for our Students

You are already studying at IPS in one of our programs? You'll find all information regarding your studies here:


Divisions and Research Groups

The Institute of Political Science and Sociology is organized into six divisions and two departments for teacher training. Furthermore, five research groups have been established:


Research Groups



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Summer Module Course Social Inequality 2021

Summer Module Course German Politics 2021

Special Section in der ZfVP erschienen

Veranstaltungsbericht: "Die Corona-Krise als ‚eye-opener‘: Care-Desaster im Geschlechterverhältnis"

Latest Announcements for Students

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Informationsveranstaltungen zu Erasmus im akademischen Jahr 2021/22

Anmeldefristen zu Prüfungen in den Studiengängen PSS, PSSc und Politik und Gesellschaft/Sozialkunde

[Aktualisiert] Termine der Prüfungen im Folgesemester zu Veranstaltungen aus dem SoSe 2020

Wichtige Information für Studienanfänger*innen im Bereich Didaktik der Sozialkunde / Politik und Gesellschaft: Anmeldung zum Tutorium jetzt möglich