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New Publication: The Stateness Index (StIx) – Conceptual Design and Empirical Results


Issue 15 of the Würzburg Working Papers in Political Science and Sociology (WAPS) has just been published. Theresa Paola Stawski and Hans-Joachim Lauth present the conceptual design and empirical results of the new Stateness Index (StIx).

Exploring and explaining diversity and patterns of stateness is crucial for understanding causes of efficiency, duration, or the collapse of a state. The new Stateness Index (StIx) contributes to the conceptual and analytical debate on stateness and state fragility. StIx is a tool for measuring stateness and state quality since 1950 that includes country-ranking through aggregated and disaggregated data to advance performance comparison and policy analysis. This article first sums up the main theoretical aspects, followed by descriptive results.


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