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Institute of Political Science and Sociology

Papers Presented at Conferences and Workshops

17 September 2022: Czech Antifascism after the 1989 and Anarchist Direct Action: Clashes and Matches between Class, Community, and Civic Oriented Variants of Anarchism. The Anarchism in the “Other Europe”: From the Fin de Siècle to the Present, Prague.

15 January 2021: The Anti-Authoritarianism of the Movement of Revolutionary Youth in Czechoslovakia. Three Possible Explanations (co-authors Mgr. Michael Polák, PhDr. Ondřej Slačálek Ph.D). Contradictions: Thinking the Left Dissent, online

20-25 November 2020: Libertarian Municipalism as a radically reformist approach: could we learn something from the political strategy of the Extinction Rebellion? Vienna Degrowth Days, “Transformation by design, not by disaster!”, online.

25-27 October 2019: Political Ecology as the ground for “new” antisystemic politics? The case of Extinction Rebellion and catastrophic imaginaries. Conference of the Transnational Institute of Social Ecology “Power to destroy, power to create: building a culture of resistance – towards radical social change”, Athens, Greece.

25–28 September 2019: Conceptual History of “Nuclear Security” in the Czech Ideological Environment: Nuclear Scientists and Ecological Activists (1950-2000). 21st International Conference on the History of Concepts, “Interdiciplinarity: Conceptual Exploration”, Málaga, Spain.

6-7 September 2019: Democracy as Essentially Contested Concept: The Case of “New Politics” in Czechia. VII. Congress of Czech Political Science Association, Prague, Czech Republic.

10-11 August 2019: Empire, provincial messianism and power in Czech ideology: Masaryk and Patočka on World War I (co-author: PhDr. Ondřej Slačálek Ph.D). Conference of the Center for the Study of Modernity and the Rural World “Imperialism, Nationalism and Capitalist Crises: The Great War and Its Legacies”, Telciu, Romania.

18 July 2019: Non-Political Politics and Moral Populism in the semi-peripheral context of the Czech Environmental Movement. Workshop with Ágnes Gagyi at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University “Coloniality of power in CEE: States, social movements and epistemology on the semiperiphery”, Prague, Czech Republic.

7-10 September 2017: Shifting of the Political through “Technocene” Prism. Workshop „Politický potlač – koncepty a metody pro kritický výzkum politiky“, Beroun, Czech Republic.

14-15 March 2017: De-radicalization of the Czech Environmental Movement? Analysis of the Ideological Perspective of Rainbow Movement (Hnutí Duha). Conference „Prokletá část – Marginalizované oblasti sociálních věd“, Opava, Czech Republic.