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Institute of Political Science and Sociology

Curriculum Vitae

Studies and PhD


  • October 2006 - January 2007: Scientific Advisor and Head of Office in the Bavarian Parliament, Munich
  • Since 2007: Faculty Member and Researcher (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) at the Institute for Political Science and Sociology (Department of European Studies and International Relations)
  • Since 2007: Speaker for various organisations for civic education 
  • Since 2007: Member of the European Commission’s Team Europe
    Information Flyer regarding Team Europe (In German)
  • May 2015: Guest lectureship at the Department of Political Science, Lucerne University (Swiss European Mobility Programme)
  • October 2016 to September 2018: Maternal leave 

Membership in Professional Associations

  • German Association for Political Science (DVPW)
  • Association for Security Policy (GSP)
  • Women in International Security (
  • European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), Standing Groups: European Union, International Relations, Teaching and Learning Politics, Political Psychology, Elites and Political Leadership, Political Communication, Political Sociology) 
  • University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES), Expert on Europe (up to 2016) 
  • European International Studies Association (EISA, up to 2016)

Membership in Advisory Boards

  • Since 2014: Member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Cologne Forum for International Relations and Security Policy, Inc. (KFIBS)

Scholarships, Grants, Awards

  • 2002-2005: Scholarship from the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes
  • 2002-2005: Scholarship
  • 2010: Travel scholarship from the European Center of Excellence, Dalhousie University Halifax, as well as from the Jean-Monnet-Programm of the European Commission
  • 2012: Dissertation funding from the Karl-Theodor-Molinari-Stiftung
  • 2013: Award for dissertation from Würzburg University and the Unterfränkischen Gedenkjahrstiftung für Wissenschaft
  • 2013: Admission into the Career Development Program “Mentoring in Science“ at Würzburg University (duration: 2014-2015)
  • 2015: Travel Grant from the Swiss-European Mobility Programme
  • 2015: Admission into the SCIENTIA-Career Development Programme for Post-Docs at Würzburg University (duration: 2015-2017) 
  • 2016: Medal of the President of the French Republic and Special Award "European Security and Defence Awareness", awarded by CiDAN (Civisme Défense Armée Nation) and ESDA (European Security and Defence Association) for research and teaching of EU Common Security and Defence Policy
  • 2020/21: Grants by the equal opportunities committee (Faculty of Human Sciences, Würzburg University)