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Selected Presentations in English

  • The Mosaic of EU Foreign Policy: Strength and Challenge for the EU in the Emerging World Order 

    Webinar „Emerging World Order: Perspectives from Latin America, Europe, and China” (Centro de Estudos Europeus e Alemães/Zentrum für Deutschland- und Europastudien, Porto Alegre; Renmin University, Peking; European Union – Latin America and Caribbean Foundation, Hamburg), 21.10.2020 (together with Prof. Dr. Gisela Müller-Brandeck-Bocquet). 

  • It's Not Just Europe, It's the World. The EU's Foreign and Security Policy
    European Spring Academy Otzenhausen/Francis Marion University Florence, 27.05.2015.

  • Germany and the Uniting of Europe: A Retrospect
     International Summer School "German Politics", 24.07.2015, Würzburg.

  • In Search of a Role for the High Representative: The Legacy of Catherine Ashton
    Euroacademia International Conference "The European Union and the Politicization of Europe", 26.09.2014 , Lisbon, Portugal. 

  • The EU's Foreign Policy
    European Summer Course "The European Union and its challenges in the 21st century", 14.07.2013, European Academy Otzenhausen.  

  • Global Europe and the Euro Crisis: Political, Economic and Military Consequences
    Conference "Centre-Periphery Relations as an Emerging Cleavage in Eurpean Politics and Policy Making? Empirical Studies on Differentiated Integration", Berlin School of Economics and Law/Durham University, 11.10.2013, Berlin.

  • How visible is "Europe's face in the world"?
    UACES Conference "Old borders - new frontiers", 04.09.2012, Passau.

  • Perceptions and constructions of Javier Solana and Catherine Ashton in British, French and German print media
     Pan-European Conference on EU Politics (ECPR Standing Group on the European Union), 14.09.2012, Tampere, Finland. 

  • The Lisbon Treaty and the quasi Foreign Minister: What perspectives for the High Representative?
    Conference The High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy 1999-2009: A Strong Catalyst for the European Union’s International Role?, 21./22.01.2010, Würzburg. 
  • An Even Higher Representative? The EU's quasi Foreign Minister after the Treaty of Lisbon
    European Union Centre of Excellence, 08.06.2010, Halifax, Kanada.
  • What progress for the CFSP & ESDP with/without the Constitutional Treaty?
    Conference “The new EU member states and the future of the European foreign and security policy”, Würzburg, 03.12.2005.