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Visiting Lecturers 2011

Visiting Lecturers from India 2011

During the Summer Semester 2011 Prof. Dr. Valerian Rodrigues taught at the Institute for Political Science and Sociology, the first ever visiting Professor from India at the Institute. 

Prof. Dr. Valerian Rodrigues

Prof. Dr. Valerian Rodrigues is a professor at the Centre for Political Studies at Jawaharlal-Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi. He was a guest at the Institute during the Summer Semester 2011. 

Prof. Rodrigues focuses on Political Philosophy, Social and Political Thought in India as well as representation and political institutions. Among his numerous publications are included his, together with B.L. Shankar, published study on “The Indian Parliament: A Democracy at Work” as well as his Essay on “Muslim Political Thought in Modern India”.

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