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Visiting Lecturers 2012

Visiting Lecturers from India 2012

Dr. Shaji Sadasivan Nair

Dr. Shaji Sadasivan Nair is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science at Hyderabad University. In the first half of the Semester he led one Bachelor and two Master Seminars on, among other topics, the Foreign Policy of the emerging power India and also analyzed the phenomenon of “globalization in International Relations”. 

In addition, Dr. Shaji held a presentation as part of the regularly held Institute Colloquium and also gave a public lecture on the relations between India and Africa.

Prof. Dr. Ummu Salma Bava

Prof. Dr. Bava took over the Seminars in the second half of the Semester.  Prof. Bava teaches and does research as a Professor for European Studies at JNU in New Delhi and is the Director of the Europe Area Studies Programme. In January 2012 she was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for her personal effort in building German-Indian Relations, which she further demonstrated through her engagement in Würzburg.  

In addition, Prof. Dr. Bava gave a presentation as part of the Graduate School of Law, Economics and Society and held a public lecture on Indian Foreign Policy.

Offered Courses

Through Prof. Dr. Bava and Dr. Sadasivan it was possible for the Institute to bring two acclaimed experts in the field of International Relations to Würzburg. The students were given a one-time opportunity to discuss and analyze current topics in International Politics as well as India’s role in the world with renowned Indian visiting lecturers.

Prof. Bava and Dr. Shaji led the following courses:

  • Bachelor advanced module Foreign Policy analyses of non-European countries
  • Bachelor advanced module Specific Problems of Cross-Border Policies
  • Master Seminar Globalization in International Relations, also open to Magister students as a main Seminar. 

The courses were held in the style of the "German" Seminar model meaning more emphasis is put on student cooperation and participation through presentations and discussions.

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