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Apply Now for our Winter Module Course "Unravelling Sociological Theory"!


Join us online from February 14th to February 18th 2022 to learn and discuss new trends and challenges in sociological theory. Application is open until August 29th 2021.

»Discourse«, »network«, »co-operative action« or »post-ideology« are terms students of sociology and social sciences frequently find themselves confronted with nowadays. Terms that reflect on shifts, divides and transformations within a theoretical landscape that once capable of representing its disciplinary identity with further internal specialization has been struggling to reintegrate its diverging strands.

The Chair of General Sociology and Sociological Theory at the University of Würzburg would like to welcome all interested students in higher education to engage in our Winter Module Course »Unravelling Sociological Theory – New trends and challenges for the 21st century«. The Module Course will take place from February 14th through February 18th of 2022.

Apply now until August 29th, 2021!

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