Institut für Politikwissenschaft und Soziologie


IPS accepts all Erasmus/Programme students/freemovers to classes, regardless of the agreements your mobility is based on. As online registration may be not accessible as your mobility may not be based on Political Science/Sociology, please sign up for courses by contacting directly the respective teaching person and/or the Departmental Coordinator.

It is our good practice to meet all requirements from Erasmus or your home university as good as we can. Exams may be adjusted to individual requirements within the responsibility of each individual teaching person. Credits for modules are usually 5 ECTS, adjustments are possible (e.g. Italy).

Intercultural Studies and German as a Foreign Language for Exchange Students

The University of Würzburg also offers Intercultural Studies / English-Language Programs for exchange students. The Application Deadline for Summer Semester is March and for the Winter Semester is August. Here you will find more information about it.

In addition, the University of Würzburg’s Language Centre (ZFS), located on the Hubland campus, offers German language classes as well. For current course and application information, go here.